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Learnography is the science of brainpage development in which learning becomes complete in school hours and teaching isn’t necessary for the modulation of learning and finger mapping.  K…

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Great poem.



Fleeting forces of accidental mirth,
Laughed our love unto its birth,
As fearsome fates circled above,
Pensive, uncertain about this love,

Its dubious provenance and mystical power,
A mythical monument like Babel’s tower,
Taller than truth, quaking with wonder
As it tumbled earthward, louder than thunder,

Magnificent ruins lie dark in time’s shroud,
Pensive with portents like scowling storm cloud,
A lifetime of secrets, of deep-buried yearning,  
Under millennia of Earth’s sorrowed turning.

(c) Frank Samuels 2016
Image Andy Wachowski

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Devil Can’t Trump.

Its not for naught There is no card the devil throws that God can’t trump for you. There is no card the devil will ever throw that throws God off. God will never say..I didn’t see that coming. If you love God….. It will always be to your point. No matter the card thrown by Satan. This thought inspired by my dads passing. He was a poker player. I miss you dad.

Standards and Ideals.

I was thinking on Ideals.
Ideals are great..
But achieve them is unrealistic.
An alternative is to establish a basic standard for staples..then add touches of the ideal.
Once the staples are decided..they can be a wont have to decide on this each time.
The energy intensive deciding can then go to working at the higher ideal
Just a thought that helped me in this fast changing trendy life we live in.
Peace..I am glad you are here.