Recipe for recovering

I don’t follow the ideas set up as guidelines in my theory everyday. Sometimes, I have real down days, d/t forces beyond my control, ie death of a loved one. What I am learning  is how well the basic central concept of  “choose a life of challenge” has been a help. This alone has been a great help and focus. Second, when my ”down time” lifts, the daily check list of noticing how well I am focusing on challenging my mind, body, spirit, and relationships, has a great ability to focus me on getting up and getting on with it. Like a cookbook recipe, when I forget how to cook. I am glad you are here, Peace to you.



Change is hard

change can be hard cause the unknown is the knows the pitfalls and potential dangers.. in the unknown..this is not so..even if the unknown is much better..we fear it will be something we cant handle.. so we stay where we are.. 
funny thing is we will be able to handle this new.. we do..
to prepare for change.. build strength into your life.. focus on basic maintenance of mind, body, spirit and relationships.. you will be ready.


when the devils knocking me around.. and i drop things.. and make mistakes, and meet unexpected trial after trial.. I think..”something goods gonna happen today..devil fights hardest right before an amazing blessing…
I also stop and ask.. Lord.. what am I not seeing.. Kandy
of course.. sometimes I just freak and ask why is this happening to me.. lo
true story

Fast recovery

A death of a close friend, and spiritual support has a strong impact on my attending to my life.          I hope to develop a stronger system ability to tend to life during unexpected traumatic events.         I must say though, that I have recovered more quickly with this way of life.. It gives me a focus of what to do. I just went through my list of tending to my basic maintenance of body, mind, spirit, relations..this has helped me know how to get back to my life. I consider this proof for me that this way is going to work for me.


I have been staying at my friend Marty’s house the last couple of days. I walked in the local cemeteries. I enjoy cemeteries, they put me in touch with the important. Walking and reflecting touches base with three of my key systems, mind, body, spirit. My weakest area, relationships, are helped inadvertently also, as walking calms me down so I am more apt to hear what others are saying. My internal pressure cooker lets out its steam on these walks. So I am kinder. Kinder may be the key in my relationship struggles. Peace, Kandy

Why I created this blog.

The central concept of my workshop is to choose a life of challenge over a life of comfortable.

The workshop is in more detail on my blog

Here, I am documenting my own process of following the concepts I have discovered.. as a proof of the viability.. I hope my journey helps you, my victories and my mistakes. If you decide through following this blog that my concepts are valid and of use to you. I will feel joy. Let me know your feedback please,. On what I propose, on what I blog about my life, and on your experience, if you chose to pursue this lifestyle of challenging. Peace friends, I am glad you are here. Kandy