Final Step..Poetry In Motion.

Today..we learn Poetry In Motion…
Standing in an open space..put radio on a music channel you like.start with cat stretches..finding the sweet spot..moving to stretch dance moves of stretch and hold..move to new stretch and hold as you see fit. Add small rocking to each sweet spot as you feel the desire to… then add arm moves..from ballet to slow rhythmic workout moves..
A key is to hear the music..let the sound touch you..let the music move if you were a leaf and music is the wind. Stay slower than usual..really feel the musics effect on your body and psyche..
As you do this..choose the movements that fit you this day , right now..
Start with two to three songs..
The final objective is to move to an hour a day of moving as you you feel..from stretching rocking only.. to arm movements a full hour of poetry in motion.
Peace..I am glad you are here…Kandy


Part Eight..Stretch Dance Moves

Today, try this…
Do a great cat stretch..
Feel how good that it again n notice there is a sweet spot that feels so good..
Now stand and start to stretch whatever feels like it needs to stretch..find the sweet spot n hold..when tired..go into another stretch..and hold..then again and then again.
Do this for five minutes in your spare time.
Do this for 15 minutes to get you going in the mornings or do it for 30 to 60 minutes as a real workout.
If you aren’t sitting are exercising.
Peace..I am glad you are here..Kandy

Part Seven..House As Workout

Today..notice places around the house that can be an anchor to trigger you to exercise spontaneously throughout the day.. for counter..turn your back ..put hands on counter…do assisted squats..this works out your upper arms..buttocks..and thighs.. Another place..a wall or door is good to do easy wall pushups..out of bath or shower bend and stretch..body is limber from heat..
When you look in mirror..if you don’t like a part of your 20 seconds of isotonics for that body part.
In essence use your house to condition your movements and strength building throughout the day. Peace…I am glad you are here ..kandy.

Part Six..Poetry In Motion

Today is spare moments or while watching tv..listening to audio or music..just stand and do arm movements..
Ballet moves..tai chi moves..Dancin with the Stars moves…any move that feels good..
Do it for 5..10..or 30minutes at a time..
Simple way to fit in a fun mini work out..
Lean into it..peace..
I am glad you are here.

Part Five..Rocking For Energy

Today..we move towards “Poetry In Motion” by one simple action. Stand and rock. To do this..simply stand for 15 to 30 minutes and rock back and forward..switching which leg is in front when u get tired..also..rock side to side.alternating the rocking to back and forth when tired. You
can do this to music or watching a show or listening to audio.
Many people rarely move their bodies..this simple act gets blood
flowing and heart working better than sitting..and gets you ready for more movement.
It can be done at your office between clients..blood to brain facilitates better thinking..and better decisions..
Have a great day..I am glad you are here. Kandy

Part Four..More Energy

So..pressing against that ugly force of erasing..Here goes..

Onward to learning to do “Poetry In Motion”..While sitting, after cat stretch, turning, bending, stretch and stay, and gentle or consistent rocking.. now experiment with arm movements…from simple gym movements like row machine rowing.. to ballet moves.. to copying moves of “Dancing  With The Stars” explore which moves feel good and right for you right now..lean into your strengthening and stamina..      If you have ever painted a ceiling.. you know how much work arm work can do for your heart, muscles and blood flow. 

Anyone can do these moves,, even the bedridden.. and moving just your arms does move blood flow. which increases oxygen, which gives energy and makes us feel great. peace..Kandy..I am glad you are here.

Press On

I will say this.. Staying a while longer is what I am doing here, right now..I have written this post two times and have ”accidently” deleted it two times.. arghhh. So, in the interest of my theory.. I will push through and write and post one more time.. It does make the dark force of erasing my message angry …but that is it’s tough luck.. I will post this now and next post will be a type of what was erased two other times this morning. Peace to you.. Kandy