Part Two..Lean Into Action

Good morning. Here is the next instruction for Poetry In Motion. It’s about finding time to move throughout your day. Spare moments.. waiting on coffee to brew, waiting on your spouse or friend to get ready, watching TV, any moment can work. As was previously mentioned.. any movement can be considered exercise. Just think, is your circulation moving better while sitting or while just standing? or if you only raise your arms. Any moment you sit you can raise your arms, or twist gently, or bend over,, given it’s an appropriate setting. These small movements get your blood flowing.. get your body more fluid, and ready to move more. A cat stretch can do wonders when you haven’t moved much from your seat all day… Think about it…just move a little..; bend over with your desk to support you.. get the blood to your head. More blood flow, more oxygen to the brain.. It is oxygen that wakes us up and gives us more energy. Bend over in your seat. By leaning into these small movements, you get your system prepped for greater movements.. I will bring more tomorrow.. peace,. Kandy.. I am glad you are here.


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