Part Three..Rocking And Movement

The next concept to know so you can do Poetry In that just sitting you can be exercising.. at home in front of TV, at work at lunch break.. the level at work depends on your ability to have privacy.Any movement gets your blood flowing.. just stretching.. like a cat is a good start.. then stretch and hold.. soft twists and hold.. gentle rocking  at your stretching sweet spot.. moving to more rhythmic rocking.. which can be soothing to your psyche also.. remember your privacy level. Rocking is a little known form of  gentle exercise.. and you can do it on a couch, regular chair.. sitting on the floor…doesn’t have to have a rocking chair.. Your elderly relatives can  benefit from choosing to rock as they watch their shows..

Remember any kind of movement is a form of exercise.. think of how this is true.. which is better.. sitting still all day or rocking an hour a day?

Small movements like this done every day prep your mind and body to move more… heading to your own Poetry In Motion…

more to come tomorrow.. peace,, Kandy..I am glad you are here.


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