I value keeping my word and agreements..
But, if I find the other party is a trickster.. I bow out..
I no longer keep agreements with tricksters.
Hope this helps.
Peace..I am glad you are here.


Standards and Ideals.

I was thinking on Ideals.
Ideals are great..
But achieve them is unrealistic.
An alternative is to establish a basic standard for staples..then add touches of the ideal.
Once the staples are decided..they can be a wont have to decide on this each time.
The energy intensive deciding can then go to working at the higher ideal
Just a thought that helped me in this fast changing trendy life we live in.
Peace..I am glad you are here.

And Now

It’s been a bit..since I posted. My progress with my theory applied myself is coming along.
I have decided that  I want to buy five or more acres of country land with an old barn.
I would like to learn to live waste free.
And what I call sustainable gourmet.
Good for earth..
Good for me.
I want writing to sustain my living expenses ultimately. Creating solutions as part of that.
I want to travel periodically. Local in America as a writer.
And abroad..exploring people, lands, and cultures.
Documenting my experiences here.
Peace..I am glad you are here.. Kandy