Part Eight..Stretch Dance Moves

Today, try this…
Do a great cat stretch..
Feel how good that it again n notice there is a sweet spot that feels so good..
Now stand and start to stretch whatever feels like it needs to stretch..find the sweet spot n hold..when tired..go into another stretch..and hold..then again and then again.
Do this for five minutes in your spare time.
Do this for 15 minutes to get you going in the mornings or do it for 30 to 60 minutes as a real workout.
If you aren’t sitting are exercising.
Peace..I am glad you are here..Kandy


Blue Man Group is to blame.

It’s been a while since I last posted. I give my workshop at RiverValley on next Tuesday.. am nervous and excited. I have also created a new workout. I am calling it poetry in motion, it’s really fun. I’ll post about it later. My husband noticed I am getting more toned.. so that is more proof the workshop is working. I feel good about where it is going. I have even come up with a line of direction of overall success for anyone… lean into it.. then stay a while.. til you can dance.. will add more to that later too. It fits with neuroplasticity..

I have to thank a blue man group video for turning me onto that. glad you are here. peace, kandy


I have been staying at my friend Marty’s house the last couple of days. I walked in the local cemeteries. I enjoy cemeteries, they put me in touch with the important. Walking and reflecting touches base with three of my key systems, mind, body, spirit. My weakest area, relationships, are helped inadvertently also, as walking calms me down so I am more apt to hear what others are saying. My internal pressure cooker lets out its steam on these walks. So I am kinder. Kinder may be the key in my relationship struggles. Peace, Kandy