Standards and Ideals.

I was thinking on Ideals.
Ideals are great..
But achieve them is unrealistic.
An alternative is to establish a basic standard for staples..then add touches of the ideal.
Once the staples are decided..they can be a wont have to decide on this each time.
The energy intensive deciding can then go to working at the higher ideal
Just a thought that helped me in this fast changing trendy life we live in.
Peace..I am glad you are here.


Change is hard

change can be hard cause the unknown is the knows the pitfalls and potential dangers.. in the unknown..this is not so..even if the unknown is much better..we fear it will be something we cant handle.. so we stay where we are.. 
funny thing is we will be able to handle this new.. we do..
to prepare for change.. build strength into your life.. focus on basic maintenance of mind, body, spirit and relationships.. you will be ready.